Wilkinson Consulting Inc.

is a small boutique firm serving both large and small organizations on matters related to organizational fairness, strategic planning, governance and senior leadership.

We have the ability to tackle any situation, and do it cost-effectively. We are flexible enough to respond quickly during a crisis and have access to an extensive network of professionals to assist us when necessary.

We understand the nature of organizational conflict and how it can be used to achieve positive outcomes. We also see the big picture. We can train organizations to manage conflict effectively and assist in the construction and placement of fair and equitable procedures for the identification, disposition and resolution of disputes within your organization.

Our clients also use our core competencies to assist with strategic planning, board governance and organizational leadership.


Our Mission

To build your reputation for fairness and diversity in the workplace.

Your organization's reputation for fairness and equity is one of your most important assets. It affects the way you are perceived by both your employees and your customers. Despite best intentions, conflicts and equity issues arise in the workplace. An independent, experienced and neutral third party with the professional knowledge to act as a facilitator, investigator, mediator or trainer can be your best bet to diffuse difficult situations. We provide the tools and experience to offer a better process for ensuring workplace fairness in the future.


Our Vision

To be a national leader in our core competencies related to workplace fairness.

The vision of Wilkinson Consulting is to be one of Canada's leading consulting practices. Our aim is to provide Real Workplace Solutions in the following areas: conflict management and dispute resolution, diversity, strategic planning, training, and the general management of human resources.

We can help your organization resolve workplace disputes, develop effective conflict management processes, comply with legislation, train managers and employees to deal with conflict, promote fairness, build diversity, and adopt the best practices in these and other related areas of strategic planning and human resources management.