WCi Provides Real Workplace Solutions

Fair organizations visibly demonstrate respect in the workplace. Respect in the workplace is not based on fear and awe. Instead, a fair workplace sees and accepts people as they are and is aware of each person's unique individuality. That doesn't mean individual rights and responsibilities trump group rights and responsibilities. It's not an "either/or" proposition - it means finding the proper balance on a case-by-case basis.

Fair and respectful workplaces also have effective complaint and dispute resolution systems. When structured properly these systems usually prove to be more cost effective, especially when compared with the costs of prolonged workplace absences or formal complaints with external tribunals. Being pro-active instead of reactive to workplace conflicts is not only cheaper, it adds value to your organizational reputation. Studies on ethical organizations show fair and respectful workplaces have higher levels of employee morale and greater productivity.

Good organizations plan their strategy before executing it. They make sure sufficient time has been afforded to all the relevant stakeholders. They also understand the value of using an independent facilitator. It takes a special set of skills and experience to help organizations deal effectively with the barriers that can emerge during the facilitation of a strategic planning process.

Bottom line: having a smart and healthy workplace environment is all about how you treat people in your organization. If our approach to managing conflict, strategic planning, human resources and workplace relationships is the kind needed in your organization, we invite you to contact us.

Conflict Management

If you are seeking access to experienced, professional conflict management and alternative dispute resolution services, WCi can design programs to meet your specific needs including the proper receipt, analysis and resolution of workplace complaints. Other services include:

  • Confidential Counselling to Employees
  • External Review and Assessment of Current Complaint Management Systems
  • Formal and Informal Mediation
  • Impartial Workplace Assessment or Fact-Finding Studies
  • Investigation of Workplace Complaints including Allegations of Discrimination or Harassment
  • Neutral and Impartial Facilitation of Important Meetings or Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Ombudsperson Service
  • Policy Development and Implementation of Complaint Management Systems
  • Skills-based Training

Strategic Planning

Why use a firm like WCi for strategic planning? At first we were reluctant to accept engagements for strategic planning. That was until several of our clients determined they needed someone who could act as neutral facilitator and provide a process and level of comfort so that everyone became fully engaged and supportive in setting out the organization's business strategy. Since then, we have helped a number of organizations with their strategic planning exercises. If your organization's strategic planning process requires the use of a firm that is capable of getting full engagement and consensus, then talk to us - we may be able to help.

Doing strategic planning can often entail working the Boards of a client. Our strategic planning work has led to engagements that help boards to effectively understanding and apply best practice governance principles and institute mechanisms that ensure effective communication, decision-making and board solidarity.

Coaching & Training

We offer training programs on conflict and respect in the workplace. Our programs are highly interactive and based on sound adult learning principles. We strongly believe that organizations need to offer programs that ensure their employees will talk, learn and engage these issues - not just sit and listen. We can design and deliver programs that meet the specific and unique needs of each client. This includes taking on highly confidential and individualized coaching engagements connected with these issues.

Do you need to raise or reaffirm awareness? Perhaps you want something a bit different than the usual fare presented at a conference or seminar. We have developed and delivered a number of seminars and keynote talks. We also have a number of presentations developed and ready to deliver.